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This course provides you with a basic introduction how to apply methods like the finite-difference method, the pseudospectral method, the linear and spectral element method to the 1D (or 2D) scalar wave equation. The mathematical derivation of the computational algorithm is accompanied by python codes embedded in Jupyter notebooks.Math playground logic games snail bob
It's exactly what the simulation shows. Modeling for Fringing Effects. I also redid the simulation after connecting the open end of the "microstrip" to a "microstrip open" following The Photon's suggestions. So after considering the fringing effects, a more realistic resonant frequency is 14.0 GHz. Python code. For me to copy-paste in the future...

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VTD provides a modular toolset for road generation, scenario definition, traffic and sound simulation, simulation control, image generation etc. It uses established standard file formats. VTD also provides open interfaces for 3rd party components and a plug-in concept with API for 3rd party modules.

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Dec 31, 2018 · %matplotlib inline from matplotlib import pyplot as plt plt.style.use("ggplot") from UliEngineering.SignalProcessing.Simulation import square_wave data = square_wave(frequency=10.0, samplerate=10e3) # set_size_inches(20, 10) to make it even larger! plt.gcf().set_size_inches(10, 5) plt.plot(data, label="original") plt.savefig("/dev/shm/square-wave.svg")

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Python Suite for Radio Channel Simulation Main Features. Site Specific Radio Channel Simulator (Rays,Delays,DOA,DOD) Indoor Radio Coverage Human Mobility Simulator for Wearables and WBAN Rich Antenna Patterns Description Indoor Localization Platform Handling of various Radio Standards including Ultra Wideband

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Plane Wave Descomposition (PWD). Wave Propagation Method (PWD). Vector Rayleigh-Sommerfeld (VRS). Vector Wave Propagation Method (VWPM). The fields, masks and sources can be stored in files. Also drawings can be easily obtained, for intensity, phase, fields, etc. In some modules, videos can be generated for a better analysis of optical fields.

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Acoustic wave — SimPEG 0.0.1 documentation. SimPEG (Simulation and Parameter Estimation in Geophysics) is a python package for simulation and gradient based parameter estimation in the context of geoscience applications. simpegSeis uses SimPEG as the framework for the forward modeling and inversion of seismic geophysical problem. We consider two fundamental governing equations for seismic wave propagation: acoustic and elastic wave equations in both time and frequency domains.

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This simulation is a modified version of the previous one, there is only one wave generator on the screen. It is generating circular waves, with a constant frequency and velocity. Pressing the left and right arrow keys will speed it up, or slow it down, clicking spacebar will freeze it, and move the waves instead, as if the screen was moving with the same speed as the generator.

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I wrote a Python-based tool that can simulate AC signals and noise using the sparse matrix solvers provided by SciPy. It is an open source project based on a closed source tool in the gravitational wave community called LISO.

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Quantum Exact Simulation Toolkit is a high performance multicore simulator of universal quantum circuits. QuSim. Ideal noise-free multi-qubit simulator written in 150 lines of code. QuTiP. User-friendly and efficient numerical simulations of a wide variety of open quantum systems. QuaC. Parallel time-dependent open quantum systems solver.

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NEURON ion channels. Next Previous. © Copyright 2020, Duke, Yale and the Blue Brain Project

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Welcome to GTKWave. GTKWave is a fully featured GTK+ based wave viewer for Unix, Win32, and Mac OSX which reads LXT, LXT2, VZT, FST, and GHW files as well as standard Verilog VCD/EVCD files and allows their viewing.

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