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" 'Binding' cannot be set on the 'ROCValue' property of type 'RocIndicator'. public partial class RocIndicator : UserControl {. public static readonly DependencyProperty ROCValueProperty =.P0300 code gmc acadia
Jan 25, 2008 · I am trying to create a reusable control for WPF which allows the user to select a null option in addition to all the items in the ItemsSource binding. In addition, I want to be able to have a dependency property on the control which sets the text to display for the null option.

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with RadTreeView control,using MVVM binding,the xaml like : AutoScrollToSelectedItem="True" IsVirtualizing="False" looking the attach files,Navigate by the RadBreadcrumb(the RadBreadcrumb and the RadTreeView binding the same data source,and binding the same SelectedIem), when expand the level4,the RadTreeView can't bring the selected item to view,but scroll mouse to the seleced item view,then ...

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As you can see, we have declared two Dependency Properties, Image, and ImageMouseOver and registered them as attached properties. We can now access these properties from the button control itself. Then, with a little styling and template binding we have everything we need. I have placed our two images in a folder called Images.

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This manually sets the binding to a property "ViewMode" that is in my view model. So "ViewMode" exists in both the view and the view model and the manual binding will keep everything in sync. public static readonly DependencyProperty ActiveObjectProperty = DependencyProperty.Register...

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Where you can specify the maximal length (upper TextBox) of the string in the TextBox at the bottom. Note that the Validation will only be updated when the value of the TextBox was changed! The attached file is a rar file. I just have to add the doc extension because else I can not upload it. Change the extension in .rar then you can extract it.

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Apr 11, 2013 · A ‘Binding’ can only be set on a DependencyProperty of a DependencyObject. After some google-fu I found a nice explanation from someone working on the WPF Team, Ben Westbrook. He says: PasswordBox.Password doesn’t have a corresponding DependencyProperty, so you can’t data-bind to it.

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Attempted to modify a read-only dependency property, or a property on a sealed DependencyObject. ArgumentException value was not the correct type as registered for the dp property.

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To Work with dependency property, you must derive the class from DependencyObject as the It uses Get / Set methods to retrieve and store value of a variable into it. So to be frank with you a DependencyProperty supports Property Value inheritance. By the definition, after you create a...

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With converterparams I can't bind to MYTIMESPAN path because 'Binding' can only be set on a DependencyProperty of a DependencyObject I've also tried with MultiBindigs but the converter go in loop.

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The property system is truly a "dependency" property system in that it tracks dependencies between property expressions and automatically For example, if you have a DependencyProperty that inherits (like FontSize), the system is automatically updated if the property changes on a parent of an...

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